Guitars That Play in Tune - All the Time

At Muncy, the first requirement is for our guitars to play in tune – all the time.

They're built from the ground up because standard guitar designs are inherintly
flawed. We designed the Muncy line of fixed pitch instruments as a fresh approach to
the age-old failure of fretted design. We first considered the physical properties
of a string under tension. Our original goal was to map the exact fret position to
produce each note accurately on the fingerboard, making slight exception for the
physical limits of the strings to be tuned due to void areas between wraps
on wound strings.

Also, by engineering a new concept in neck design, we were able to eliminate
the truss rod. We found that a superior neck can be manufactured by reinforcing
it internally for better resistance to bowing and warping due to string tension and
humidity changes. Once the warping of the neck is eliminated, you never have
to make truss rod adjustments -- ever.