Playing the Guitar doesn't have to be painful.

Have you given up because of the pain from playing raised frets?

Muncy Guitars™ sport an almost fretless playing surface. The arc faceted™ playing
surface allows frets that barely break the surface. You'll notice you're able to
play longer and tire less with Muncy Guitars™.

As your finger tips slide easily across the almost fretless surface of the anodized
fingerboard and your thumb carresses the smooth, hand polished exotic wood
of the neck, you'll forget all of those horror stories you've heard about painful
playing. You will never have to worry about super gluing calluses back on as
reported Stevie Ray Vaughn did. This feature could comfort Ani DiFranco's
fingertips, and extend her playing time, and end the reported use, or need 
of electrical tape to cushion her fingertips. With a Muncy Guitar™, playing is
about creating more amazing music, not a thicker skin.