Muncy Guitars™ introduces
  • a system of completely intonated open string tuning
  • complete intonation of all fretted notes on the arc faceted™ fingerboard

The Answer to Guitar Intonation Problems

The Muncy Guitar™ plays on pitch with all correctly tuned instruments -such as
the electronic keyboard or the piano- due to the technological advance in our
guitar fingerboard design. Muncy fingerboards are designed and mapped to ensure
that each string plays the correct note at each and every fret position. The Muncy
system will eventually be available for all fretted fixed pitch instruments.

The Muncy line of instruments is the first fully intonated and certified in the
history of fretted instruments. A Peterson model 490 strobe tuner was used in
this study. Ideal Frequency Certification of the Muncy Guitar™ is traceable to
The Time and Frequency Division of the National Institute of Standards
and Technology.

Peterson tuners fine product line are the industry standard and are
recommended by Muncy Guitars™.